Wednesday, November 29, 2006

[GAME] Wii review - part 1

Must Get Wii...

The First game Wii reviewed is the bundled with console game - Wii Sport.

In Wii Sports, there are total of 5 games: Tennis, Bowling, Boxing, Golf and Baseball. We will start with Tennis. In the game of Tennis, Wii will use the Wii-Remote as the game controller.
Wii-Remote. Some call it the "Wiimote".

To use the Wiimote in Tennis is very simple, just hold the Wiimote as you would hold a Tennis racquet. Holding the Wiimote and move it upward as you would throw the ball up into air (of course you have to be the server!), and make the motion of hitting the ball using the Wiimote to serve. After that, play the game as if you are really holding a real racquet, but you don't need to run, the character in the game will do the running by itself. (or you can control it somehow? we haven't tested that.)
At the beginning, no one really knows how to serve, run, hit the ball and kept it within the court. (We usually ends the game within a few hits of the ball.) But as soon as we finished a few games, some of us actually served an ACE, and some does a few powerful end-to-end strokes.

After Tennis, we move on to another game - Bowling.

Since the console only comes with one set of controller, and as of this post the Wiimote is still in shortage, We only have 2 Wiimote at the time of this review. Unlike Tennis, in Bowling you can take turns in playing, so we can have 4 player with just 2 Wiimote.
Recently, rumors and/or unconfirmed videos are out there on many website saying while playing the Wii Bowling, the string connecting the hand strap and Wiimote would break. And it would slip off the player's hand, causing the Wiimote flying toward the TV unit and breaking the TV screen.
In most cases the victim is the LCD/Plasma TV, and the "killer" are some young child. During our review, we reminded ourselves over and over, and we secured the hand strap before we start the game, making sure we won't make the Wiimote a flying rocket targeting the TV.
After a few games of Wii Bowling, and carefully watching few others playing the game, I have come to a conclusion (my personal opinion): While it's not impossible for the string between Wiimote and the hand strap to break, but for wear and tear, it wouldn't happen in just a few days after the system was sold. The breaking point of the string shown in some website are simply not reasonable. I don't have any scientific test to prove or disprove anything, but I have never witness any incident of Wiimote slipping out of anyone's hand during game play. I don't think Wiimote has any problem under normal use.

Anyway~ back to our topic, Wii Bowling. After selecting players, game start without the need of choosing your bowling ball. (May be there is an option to select ball weight? We didn't check that.) Using the directional key, you can move the character sideways. Press A button, and you can change the angle the character is facing the bowling alley. After that, all you have to do is to make the motion of rolling the ball while holding on to the Wiimote and pressing the B button. Release the B button as if you would release the ball, and Wii will take care of the rest.
This is where most people would (I suspect) release the whole Wiimote and "killing" the TV. But according to our test, most people actually forgot to release the B button, (and held on to the Wiimote really tight!) which Wii will stop and let you try again. After a few strikes and splits, scoring 132 or 142?
Anyway, if you happen to getting the ball onto other people's alley, you will lose your turn. (How to do it? Move your character to the most left/right, then turn your character 45o to the left/right, and release the ball.) What's the fun/benefit of doing that? I don't know, but sure it's funny when we does that. (Everyone laughed!) Oh yeah, you can also throw the ball backward, it will shock all the NPC sitting behind the player~ Hahaha~

(To Be Continue~)

- December 8th, Bestbuy will have another shipment.
- Across Canada, retailers are receiving new shipment mid-week every week till X'mas.
- The sales of LCD/Plasma will rise for sure.
- Took me 3 hours to wrote this.


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