Tuesday, November 28, 2006

[Blog] To Switch or Not To Switch?

Should I switch over to the Blogger Beta now? or I should wait until they force us to do so? (Are they going to force us to switch?)

That's just about the whole blog, switching to the new (and improved?) Blogger system. But I guess I should really decide on what I should do with this space, as currently the reading rate is still very low and the reply rate is next to zero.

On the chinese website I did before, I faced the same problem. I just don't know how to get more people to come to read my stuff, or even just to visit and get the page hit number goes up. I know it has everything to do with the content, but how can they judge if it's good (or bad...) content if they don't even come here to read it? (or view it...whatever.)

Anyway, just fed up at work, that's all.

Oh, to the people (or person) that is subscribed to this blog, please take the link of your RSS feed program. Because once I did the switch, Blogger will repost all post here and will probably flush your RSS feed list. (It probably won't affect anyone anyway, I guess people just comes by and read it once in a while.)

- fed up at work, cuz some "temp" here is just being rude/dumb/stupid/crazy/ignorant.
- I guess I should update the template.
- using IE7 now, and this page won't show up right...
- FF2.0 seems better, but the IE poison is so deep in my vein...
- how's the censorship here in blogger? none what-so-ever? anyone knows?

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