Tuesday, November 28, 2006

[Blog] Wizard? Blog Setup for Dummies?

Oh well, as anyone can see, I did the switch now. (Although it doesn't have much changes on the whole blog yet.) Anyway, the changes should come in soon, because I really can't stand the way this blog looks right now.

WHAT? There isn't a step-by-step wizard to setup the template of this blog?!

This problem exists when I was starting the "Testing Ground", but I guess I was blinded by the things happened at work or just that I totally forgot(?!). First of all, the list of template was not enough! or the idea of having only a few ugly not so pretty template was to encourage you to change it and make your own template?! I don't know, don't ask me.

I guess if I take anyone of these "template" from the list and delete all the settings there and put in my set of codes, it should be count as copying the original or altering the original work? Right? OK...I know you would say don't ask you.

oh well.

- need some positive energy.
- may be I should go away.

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