Thursday, August 12, 2010

[Play] Photo Display on LCD

Homemade Loaf of Bread
Homemade Loaf of bread (edited)

Please have a look at these photos, and please reply and let me know which one looks better on your screen (CRT, LCD, laptop LCD, LED?).

Thank you very much.

The first picture is the original taken with my digital camera Canon Powershot SD1000 (aka Digital IXUS 70 / IXY Digital 10)
For complete Exif info, please visit "" at

On my laptop's LCD, the original looks a bit dark on screen.
But when it's on a desktop LCD, it looks ok.

While the edited (2nd photo) shows up better on my Laptop's LCD, it would seems to be too bright and the redness of it seems to be too much. (saturation?)

Well, I'm not good at taking pictures, and the photo certainly can be better after editing, if you can help, please leave me a message.

Once again, Thank you.
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