Thursday, November 09, 2006

[Cooking] Kimchi Chinese Chives Sliced Lamb Stir-fry + Shrimp Omelette

No one at home on Tuesday night, guess I'll have to cook my own dinner then.
Found some Kimchi, some Chinese chives. Defrost some sliced lamb meat from the pack ready for hotpot, dig up some sauces, and so, a dish is decided.

Kimchi Chinese Chives Sliced Lamb Stir-fry

Kimchi (approx. 1 bowl)
Chinese Chives (cut into about 1 inch in length)
Sliced Lamb (since it's already sliced to use in hotpot, just defrost it and set it aside)
Green Onion (can be cut similar as the Chinese Chives, or chopped into fine pieces)
Korean style hot sauce (depending on the sweetness of the sauce, approx 1 tbsp)
and some Oil (Sesame seed oil or Vegetable oil)

1. Add some oil into the pan. once the oil is heated, add the Sliced Lamb.
2. Cook until the meat fully changes colour. (Brown or No more red is seen on the surface of the meat) Add the Chinese Chives.
3. Add Kimchi, Green Onion and the hot sauce into the pan. (If the hot sauce is too sweet, add some chili powder and soy sauce to adjust the flavour)
(Add a little bit of water to the pan if it's starts to sticks to the bottom, but don't add too much or else it will become a stew.)
4. Mix everything together, it's done when everything is well heated.

Done! This should be enough for one person. (or more than enough?!) But since I'm cooking anyway, and I found that 1 dish only is "just too bland". So I decided to cook another dish, with the de-shelled de-veined shrimp and egg.

Shrimp Omelette?

Shrimp (approx. 15 pieces, shell removed and deveined)
Eggs (5 should do it, less if the eggs are big)
Japanese soup base (or was it really flavoured soy sauce?) that is flavoured with bonito flakes (or some simple soy sauce would do)
Shallot (a little is enough)

1. Heat some Sesame oil, and put the shallot and stir-fry them for a while.
2. Shrimp goes in.
3. Eggs, Beat them up! Add some soup base(??) and mix well. Add them into the pan when the Shrimp changes colour. (Let the eggs starts to set and make sure they coat the Shrimp.)

All Done!

The reason why I wrote this post, was because if someday I have to be the "cook" of the house, I would have some kind of reference. If I don't write these down, I'll probably forget about them the next day or so.

P.S. - Took me more than 2 hours to write this.
- Haven't updated for quite some time.
- Wii are good, PS3 is just too expensive.
- should just sleep more.
- anyone still uses Windows NT 4.0?
- C72506.

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