Thursday, November 30, 2006

[FOOD] Raw Milk. Dangerous?!

Well, since when did we stop to consume "Raw Milk"? As far as I know, when I was young, all Milk are the same, they are all fresh from the milk cow. Of course some of them did went through some kind of manufacturing process. But the most attractive selling point was "FRESH", bottled the same day, actually the morning before it arrived at your door step.
Now, every brand is saying how "clean" they are, how many cleaning or special sanitizing procedure the milk went through. The milk you can from grocery store are all been treated, most of them were being heated to at least 60o Celsius and some keep at the "cooking" temperature for as long as 30 minutes. So the Milk is really "Clean" now, but it would taste like water (no flavour), and with a weird taste to it. Some would say that's a burnt taste cause by the "cooking" of the Milk.

That's just what I think, you can read the links here and see for yourself.

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A Campaign for Real Milk
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Finally! Raw Milk Information You Can Trust!
Organic Pastures

I don't know the whole truth behind this Milk business, I try to drink as little milk as possible, unless I'm sure about this "RAW MILK". But as I heard from someone before, which I found so true:
"Cow's Milk are suppose to be drink by young calves. It's not for human to consume it!"

- XXX's Milk should be consumed by young XXX, not for YYY (at any age) to consume it! YYY should go drink milk from the "milk-able" species in YYY's group. If the whole YYY species doesn't produce any milk, then milk isn't a choice for YYY.
- Yup, you guessed it, YYY can be Human.
- Wii doesn't have normal DVD function, so it can't play DVD movies. I just realized that could be another "safety" feature to protect Wii from any illegal copies. Hmm...
- PS3 uses Blu-ray Disc. I just read the flyers today and found out that a LG Blu-ray Disc burner is selling for just $749.99. So the day of safely copying your legal copy isn't too far away. Hmm...
- Fujifilm Natura Black F1.9
- Is anyone going to Japan any time soon?!
- Taiwan works too.
- Konica Wai Wai, it's so hard to find.
- Camera is much harder to find than a Wii or PS3.


  1. I try to stay away from the should/shouldn't drink milk issue and focus instead on the rights of consumers to make their own decisions, and the rights of farmers to make a living. As long as everybody knows what they're doing, why do we need some nanny telling us "no"?

  2. well, Todd, I know. and I do find those FDA / Canada Ministry of Health people "funny". It's not like this "Raw Milk" is something new, please don't act like someone is trying to open the hell's gate or something.
    and when they say this "Raw Milk" can cause some illness...well, it's not like everything else that is under their "watchful" eyes are 100% safe, right?
    It's a world of freedom, everyone should be able to make whatever choice they wanted to, as long as it's not affecting (or hurting?) anyone else, right?


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