Monday, November 19, 2007

Make Love, Not War @ Camp Okutta

Shocking! Just saw this on TV, and it's really shocking!

The Camp Okutta campaign was designed to draw attention to the issue of child soldiers, by bringing the problem home to North America. Camp Okutta was a fictitious summer camp for ‘kids aged 8-12’. Instead of the usual camp activities, children were made to fire AK47s, throw grenades and walk through minefields – activities more commonly associated with the experiences of child soldiers.

when I was watch it on TV, even thought I know it's not real, it still gave me such a shock, because I know there are some place on earth right now, this is really happening.
If you click into the Camp Okutta web site, there is a flash game(?) in there to show you more about this horrible summer camp. Beware of the picutres / video or text inside, if you don't like what you see, leave the site and go to and see what you can do to help.
I know it's just a campaign by a organization in Canada, but I do believe that everyone in this world should realize this is a problem in our world now, and we should do something to stop this from happening.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

[TV] Property Virgins

I was just watching HDTV on sunday afternoon, came across this show, Property Virgins.

This week's show is like really showing me, how "naive" people are. They expect they can just spent $200,000.00 and get a great house? Hmm... with the market these days, a decent home would cost over $300,000.00 easily. And this guy owns a nice motorcycle, which is of course on debt. Two of them have huge debt, but the guy wouldn't sacrifice anything. I mean, if you want to keep your lovely bike, you just have to realize that you can't really get a huge house!

After showing them two beautiful house, which in my mind, I would have bought it and flip it, but that's another show. You know what the guy likes to complain? The house has finished basement. OH MY GOSH! Simply to finish a basement would cost over $30,000.00. The other problem he has with the house is that some of the space is over the garage! If you don't want any space over the garage, then I can tell you for sure that you wouldn't have any really usable space in the $200,000.00 house.

Of course, in the end they found a really nice house for just $265,000.00. I would say that's a bargain in today's market. Don't really know how fast east this place is in the city, it could be even out of the city! But again, $265,000.00?! This is very good. May be I should switch house again, with three extra bed room, four if count in the one my sister would use whenever she is in town. But again, that would be a topic for another show...

[Blog] Spring Update

Spring time is here~
Spring, Quote from Wikipedia
Springtime is seen as a time of growth, renewal, of new life (both plant and animal) being born, and of the cycle of life once again starting.

As being said, it's really time for me to update this blog. Afterall, I haven't updated it ever since I got my Wii. And I just focus on my chinese blog, I have completely forgot about this blog.

I should start to write something specially for this english blog. But what should I write? I have no idea. Oh well, may be I should start with saying thanks to Ramani's Post on 3-column templates for Blogger Beta

Updated this blog's template and made it into a 3 column style blog. Kinda first step to have new life?
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