Saturday, November 11, 2006

[Cooking] Kimchi Chinese Chives Pork Liver Stir-fry + XO Sauce Bean Shoots

Wednesday night, no one at home again!? Oh well, gotta cook my own dinner again, but last night dinner already used up everything in the fridge. Fine, a trip to the supermarket then, after all I have decided what to cook tonight when I was at work. A quick stop to the nearest SM and I'm all set.

Watched a Japanese tv show long time ago, in the show they showed a dish that is full of vitamin B, which can help to boost up your stamina/vigorousness?? Anyway, it sounds perfect for me, because I'm always tired.

Kimchi Chinese Chives Pork Liver Stir-fry

Kimchi (one bowl, actually it's I have left with.)
Chinese Chives (cut into about 1 inch in length.)
Pork Liver (use about half of it should be enough, but I don't know what should I do with the rest, so I used all of it. oh, don't slice it too thin, 1cm should be good.)
Pork meat (wanted to get some belly meat, but the pre-sliced ones are all gone, only the big block is there. So I ended up using the ones for Hotpot.)
Korean Hot Sauce, Sesame Oil and some Szechwan Peppercorn.

1. Heat the Oil in the pan, add Liver and Meat in it.
2. once the color of the liver changes, add Chinese Chives and Kimchi.
3. Crush the Peppercorn and add a little is enough, it's to get rid of the smell of the liver.
4. add the Hot sauce in, but it's quite sweet and very easy to burn, so mix it with little water before adding it in.
5. once the sauce thickens, serve it up~ (Liver can't cook for too long, remember that.)

A dish full of meat and intestine, gotta have some vegetable, add some "fiber", or else...

XO Sauce Bean Shoots

Bean Shoots (not those Bean sprouts, it's green.)
XO Sauce (LKK Brand. quite expensive, and I could have cook it myself, the ingredients ain't all that special anyway.)

1. Add 1 Tbsp of the Sauce (with the oil) into the pan and heat it up.
2. rinse the Bean shoots, and add it in.
3. stir-fry it a while, add some water and cover it to cook for a minute.

That's it~ if you don't really want to fry it, you can cook the bean shoots in boiling water and then mix in the sauce before you serve.

Cooking for one person is not easy. If you make one dish, it seems not enough. But if you cook two dish, there will be left overs. Gotta think of a way to change this.

P.S. - Spent whole day at work reading comics.
- I know DN released long time ago, I know I'm not "IN"
- I wish I have one.
- PIII 733 @ 133Mhz is pretty good, it should able to run W2K.
- 128Mb of RAM sucks. but for NT4 should be quite good already, right?
- C72606

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