Tuesday, December 12, 2006

[NOTE] Hi~ Do You Speak Chinese?

Since the purchase of Wii, (yes, I got one, and I'll post the details later~) I found that I'm too lazy (I know, I'm always lazy) to update this blog. I can't tell how many people are actually reading this blog. That single person who subscribed to this blog was myself, I use it to display a link on my other website. And I guess only a few people I know actually knows about this blog, and it seems to be quite hard for me to find any interesting blog in english for me to link to this place. So I guess the future of this blog is not too well, but I won't "kill" it, I do want to improve my english writing skills. (I know I need to improve on the whole english skill thing.)
Anyway, if you speak Chinese, or you can read Chinese, please leave me a note. And / or if you are interested in viewing my Chinese blog, leave me a note. (Probably you have already found out my Chinese blog, and you just haven't leave me a comment on any of the post I had over there.)
I will continue to update this blog, but with Wii, and possibly a NDSL coming soon, I don't think I will have much time to update even one blog. Please don't expect me to update this blog too often. I'm just trying to translate the same post that is already existed in my Chinese blog, and may be create a few English only blog-post. Hopefully it will keep this blog going.
Even just a little word "read" in the comment would be nice, at least that will give me an idea that someone actually read this blog and not just someone that "clicks-in, and clicks-out". Thanks~

- Anyone getting a Wii? My Wii # 4079 0967 8396 1955. Please add me~
- Still a few more chance for getting a Wii before X'mas.
- Would you like to play? Yes, Wii would like to play~

Thursday, December 07, 2006

[Shopaholic] Coloured Eye Glasses

ProDesign 4611 c 6532
Grey, with White trim on the back side of the frame and ear piece.
ProDesign 4611 c 6032
All Black.
ProDesign 4611 c 5032

What do you think? Which one you think is the best?

Brand: ProDesign (Denmark)
Style: #4611

- Korean BBQ and Stone bowl rice (dolsot bibimbap) for lunch, and Chinese Hotpot for dinner?!
- No wonder high fever strikes on sunday night.
- Wii on sale again tomorrow! Line up at 4am?!
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