Tuesday, November 28, 2006

[Blog] Direction - Redirecting East to West

Suddenly this idea appears in my mind. Don't know if anyone would actually be interested in reading it. But anyway, Here goes:

This blog will try it's best to report anything from the east side of this world. Of course it will stay with in the four most important things in life: eat, drink, play and having fun!
Currently in works are Asian Movie preview/review/discussion (p/r/d below), Japanese Anime p/r/d, Asian Music p/r/d, Asian Food (snack/meal/related news) report/recipe, Asian Game (G rated/Hentai?!) news/report/p/r/d, and many many more~
Hopefully it will be your #1 blog for sources about any of the Asian related material mentioned above (or some not mentioned too~).

With that being said, I guess I should start on working on collecting, watching, and writing anything asian. (am I just giving myself some more excuse to buy more HD, DVDs, Wii, PS3...???)

- 3rd post of the day.
- I should get myself a new desk~
- cleaning up the old isn't a bad idea. Orz

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