Wednesday, September 13, 2006

what makes you think I speak / write Chinese?

Gosh, this Adsense thing is really getting on to my nerves...(??is that right??)
I don't think anyone can find a word of Chinese on this blog now, well, at least not the public can see! So why would this Adsense thing keeps on giving me Chinese Ad? I'm not expecting it would give me anything really related to the blog entries here. (only 1 English entry.) but it should show me a basic / default / sample Ad that is totally in English, Right?
but no, I don't get that and I just keeps on getting this Google search ad, a "fun" trivial(??) question...STOP IT! I don't want it...damn...

you may say that if your setup has chinese, it could be the reason why you get that Chinese trivial question. but NO! in preview / setting screen, the Ad above the blog entry would be an english Ad with info about apartment. Everything works except the content...

oh's 2:52pm now, better go back to work (REALLY) and continue this blog thing tonight.

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