Thursday, September 14, 2006

Blogger at work - Picture storage

I was working on this blog last night and testing with functions at the beta blogger. As you can see I can now make my Title appear in the "case" it should.
Other than that, I still can't get the google Adsense thing to work. well, at least not on the main page. If you goes into the entry, the Ad on the top would work in English. But the one on main page just won't budge, it has to stay with the chinese trivial questions. may be I have to reset my Adsense thing? I don't know. Good to know that the one on the bottom of the page works fine.
Then I move on to work on my other blog some place else. In that blog, I posted 2 entries and worked on a third. Also tested a little on Flickr.
I realize that Blogger doesn't have it's own picture storage space (or does it?) and Flickr is actually a Yahoo! company. Does google has their own storage space? Or is there any good FREE sites that offer more than 20MB bandwidth? (not that I'll use it up anytime soon, but if I can have more choice, why not?)

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