Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Blogger sucks (or is it "just" me?)

I found out when comparing Blogger to other Blog service that I am using right now, Blogger is not doing so well. (then again, it could be me. Probably because I didn't spent any time on "discovering" what Blogger has to offer.)

#1, I still can't get it to link up this blog to my G-mail account. so everytime I login now, I have to login to both to see if I can get it to work but as usual, it won't work. I don't know if it's the problem of this stupid machine I'm having at work (P-III running NT4) or it's just that I did something wrong on link-up the accounts.

#2, I don't like the fact that each time I post a new entry, I have to manually update the whole blog. My Gosh! Do I have to put a stamp on it and mail it out? geez. can't you update it by yourself?

#3, everytime I'm in settings, I have to "open" a new window to just look at my Blog. and when I'm in my blog, I can't login directly(no login box), I have to go to the main page to do that. Is there a easier way? =_=

#4, oh yeah, almost forgot, I probably wouldn't use a english title for my blog if I didn't HAVE to. As you can see that my english isn't any where near "fair", may be just a little bit better than some ESL student. (may be I always will be an ESL person, come to think of it, YES! I'm an ESL person.) the reason why I use engish for title is because if I put a Chinese title, the page won't load at all for some people or it will load whenever it feels like to on most machine. (doesn't matter you use Chinese version of XP or you using plain old english XP.)

#5, more about that title, I did put in "Canchi" as title before, but it will only shows up as "CANCHI". what is the point of having Upper-case and Lower-case? If I wanted to use ALL UPPER-CASE LETTER, I CAN PRESS THE "CAPS LOCK" KEY AND TYPE IT LIKE THAT! but that is not good for the eyes and I don't like the looks of it. can someone do something about it? while "you" at it, please make everything uni-code, so I can use Chinese (or some other language when I feel like to) as title.

#6, the comment entering page, why can't it be in the same page as the blog entry? it's not that hard to have a javascript editing box (or some other tech. thingy) in the same page sitting there ready for people to enter comment, RIGHT? Actually in the "new" page you can see the blog entry and other comment(s) that are already in there for this entry, while you type your own little comment. so put that in the original page is just a few clicks away, right?

(oh my god, it goes on and on...)
#7, is there really a number 7? I don't know, can't really spent too much time at work to blog. I have already spent the whole morning on viewing blogs. and now is 1:43pm. I should get back to work (or more web-surfing).

if I do have time or remember, I will come back to and type a chinese version of this. Because the chinese IME always makes noise when it prompt me for list of words or error. and it's on "System Speaker"!!! (how many years I haven't heard any "noise" from the system speaker?)
so if I go full speed to type something in Chinese, people (I guess only my boss would worry) would think that my system is going to explode or something. Since I work at the airport, let's not do that during September. (can someone please tell me how to stop the internal speaker? I don't really want to open the case to "unplug" it, but if it's the only way to go...)

by the time I finish, it's already 2:02pm.

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