Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Sunshine Girls - Cloudy day today?!

Just heard this on the news while driving to work today, that the Sunshine girls usually appear in the newspaper, the "Toronto Sun", is covered by an Ad today. The company said it's just a glitch that the Sunshine girls picture got replaced by an Ad. But the rumors are saying that the Sunshine Girls are gone for good. No reason were given.
Sunshine girls has been inside every copy of Toronto Sun for the past 35 years. If this is the first time that the Sunshine girl is out, I'm sure it's a day to remember. Even if this is really a glitch and Sunshine girls will come back tomorrow, today's paper still worth a note in the books. Especially today is a cloudy day.
(It's too bad that our office doesn't have a copy of Toronto Sun.)
(I checked on Toronto Sun's website and the Sunshine girl for "Today" isn't really that good.)

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