Friday, September 15, 2006

Tubing? Are you trying to Kill yourself!?

Going to camping this weekend. Should be fun, and relax. But the sky are still grey as if it's gonna rain again. PLEASE~ Don't rain please~

Beside the normal things to do. (I thought we don't really do stuff.) My friend told me we are going to do "Tubing". As usual I didn't look at the web link he provided, I went on Google and try to see what it is. Ha?! How come the first few results are all from Government or some News saying Tubing is dangerous?! Wait, I thought this camping trip was to relax and help me gain more experience on Lazyness. I didn't know I have to risk my life for it. WHAT?! It'll be pulled by a motorized boat? Extreme Sports!!! HA?! It goes up and down too??? OMG~

(Well, I never like to do any water sports anyway. Why? Because I don't really know how to swim. It's not like I will scream or goes crazy once I fall into the water. But I'm not those who can swim freely and worry free. Sounds kind of it?)

Well, the scariest of all is "you should only goes as high as you willing to fall." I don't wanna die. Not that I'm afraid of height, but let's not try something that might involve me falling...ok? How about we try something else? Let's get a fishing license, and go fishing for fun sounds really good for me now. =_= We don't have to do some extreme sports when we are not ready. The more I read about this, I found a picture of the actual thing. (See below) Damn, it's even more extreme than wakeboard. FINE, how about we do some water skiing and we call it a deal? :)

Now that's really extreme isn't it? So I decided to talk to my friend and see if I can change his mind about this. To my surprise, he replied "What?! It's nothing, I tried it before and it's really safe." HELLO?! SAFE?! I'm having a hard time to even say it's not dangerous, and you call it safe? Are you out of your mind? Ok, I click on the link as he saying how it's safe and such and how someone got injured last time...Fine, let's see how it will make me feel safer. O

k...So this is the tubing we are gonna do? What happen to the other one? But after all, it's still a water sport, should still take full cautions when we do this.

(It took me 32 minutes to write this blog, while at work.)

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