Sunday, May 23, 2010

[GAME] Super Mario Galaxy 2

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The most anticipated game for Wii this Spring, Super Mario Galaxy 2 had been released on May 23, 2010.

I was surprised it didn't have any special opening movie or some game demo showing if you let it idle at the main screen.
(then again, who would wait for that?)

If you didn't press A+B right away, you can try pressing only A or B Button for some special effect on the title.
(click to view full size picture)

Let's watch the video.

Once again, Princess Peach was kidnapped by The Monster.
With the help from the lumas, we landed at Yoshi's doorstep.
A sign in front ask us to go around the back.

Of course Yoshi means the tunnel!
Once you are on the other side, you see a 1UP mushroom inside a cage, go ahead and take it.
After you clear the dark side (grin), take a look at the sign next to the green tunnel.

It's a hint video!
(Normally I wouldn't watch tutorial video, don't think I need it.)
(But if you don't, you will miss the very first infinite 1UP + infinite coins + infinite Star Bits secret!)

To activate the infinite 1UP + Coins + Star Bits, you have to watch the hint video, after you finish, everything (both side) will regenerate including the 1UP mushroom inside the cage!

Each time you clear both side, you will get one 1UP mushroom, 18 coins, and about 52 Star Bits.
(If you always get Star Bits by defeating the monster, with the method in the hint video.)

I have only completed the first 2 part, "Sky Station" and "Yoshi Star".
According to the guide book, there are so many secret and/or hidden items, it will probably take kids a whole summer to play through this game.
(Which is exactly what parents want, 1 game, 1 summer, for around 60 dollars.)

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