Sunday, April 20, 2008

[Food] McDonald's McRib (limited time only)

Something you don't see very often at McDonald's menu, and if you go check it on McDonald's website (Canada), you won't even see anything about it. (well, may be on their nutrition chart?)

A McRib is a piece of meat (minced pork) shaped into a boneless pork rib shape. With onion, pickle, and BBQ sauce to top it off. Different from your everyday sandwich, and in order to fit the meat perfectly inside, McRib uses a sub-like bun rather than the round shape bun.

Haven't seen a McDonald's sandwich using a box for a long time. (well, that just me not having McDonald's from quite some time. Try to live a better / healthier life?)
But it doesn't say it's McRib on the box, guess they are just using a generic box for all these limited time sandwich in order to save some money? Hmm...

Once I open it up, WOW! See all that sauce on the box? isn't that a little too much?
Onions are pushed to one side, and the pickle is in the middle. (actually there is another piece right behind the onions.)
On the top of the bun, it's Semolina, not sesame seed as I have expected.

And you can the sauce also hit the side and the top of the box.

There isn't much "stuff" added to this McRib, just onion and pickles, no lettuce or anything.
Well, a TON of sauce, drowning the meat inside.

I guess they use the same pickle in every other sandwich? I can't really taste the pickle as the BBQ sauce they use here is really sour. And it's really alot of sauce, covers up all the other flavours. (Well, if it can cover up the taste of RAW onion, you can imagine how strong it is.)

Of course I have ordered a Combo and that means a great side of french fries!

Ever since I knew about the McRib is back, I have been dying to try it again. But something came up every time I want to have it for lunch at work.
Finally get a chance to have it two weeks ago on a Saturday afternoon, I guess that's the last day of this "Limited time only" promotion. As I was picking up lunch for my nephews, I saw the big poster of McRib and how it's piece of meat sticking out of the bun. I wasn't hungry at the time, so I didn't get one. (And didn't bring my camera with me, so I didn't take a picture. I thought it would be online at their website or some other place on internet, but I guess I was wrong.)

Later on that day, drove by the same McDonald's again, decided to pick up this McRib as a afternoon snack on my way home.
While I'm lining up in the drive thru, I look up and the big poster was gone! I'm like, "oh crap, they don't serve it anymore?!"
So I ask (thinking if they don't serve it, I will just leave...), and lucky for me, they still have it.

Checked it online, don't seems to see anyone talking about it. And later on I found out the promotion of McRib really ended that Saturday. (at least I don't see it anymore at the local McDonald's and the one near my work place in Mississauga.) (now that McDonald's going to have a new Angus Beef sandwich coming out in April 27th or 29th, I'm sure the McRib is gone again.)

Well, it's quite expensive for a lunch with this little ingredients, it's $6.54 for a combo. I know it's just the same as a BigMac Combo, but BigMac seems to have a lot more going on inside.
I guess since it's a limited time offer, so having it once in a year (in my case it's a few years since the last time I have it) isn't too bad.

It turns out someone made a website for McRib! (actually it's McDonald's made it)
or you can read more about McRib at wikipedia - McRib

If you can read Chinese, you can visit my other blog for the similar entry:

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