Friday, April 25, 2008

[Food] Fake McRib (I'm Faking It~)

Of course I can't stand having something so simple with such a high price tag. (Especially the taste didn't completely satisfy me.)

So I have decided to make my own McRib-like sandwich.
Only a few ingredients: Minced Pork Meat, Chopped Onion, Sliced Pickle, a Bun, and most important of all, THE Barbecue (BBQ) Sauce.

First we mix little salt and pepper into the meat, then we form it into a square patty. (you will see why in just a second)

The meat patty was made into the same size as the sliced bread. Why sliced bread? It's just because I don't want to spent extra on the bun, so I use something that I would have in house everyday. (Also, bun comes in a pack of 8, and I'm just having one sandwich. what am I going to do with the rest?)
I should have make the patty slightly larger than the sliced bread, as the meat will shrink. (As it shrink, the center of the patty will get thicker! It's good to keep the patty thin.)

Look at this! Fried to perfection! (But a little bit too much oil around...)

Well, you can use the oil to fry some Onion. It's all done by using the remaining heat in the pat.

The patty I made was a little thick, to make sure it's cooked inside, and to get rid of some of the oil, we put it into a oven to bake it for 5 minutes.
See the oil on the right side? It's almost 2 teaspoon of oil right there.
Now we are sure the meat is done, and much less oil going into the final product. (Which means this sandwich is much more healthier than you would think, or you would get in one of those fast food chain.)

This is a slice of Cucumber, marinated in a quick brine. (This will turn into the sliced pickle that we need.) It's really east to make!
Slice your Cucumber to the thickness you like, but thinner it is, the quicker it will become pickle.
Sprinkle salt and sugar all over the Cucumber, and put in some Red Wine Vinegar to cover all of it. (You can use just normal vinegar, but I don't have any of it in the house, and I think the Red Wine Vinegar brings in both flavour and colour to the pickle. A nice touch~)
Let it sit for 30 minutes. (You can do this at beginning and take it out of the brine at the time you assemble the sandwich. But it probably don't need that long, if you slice it as thin as the slice in the picture.)

Tony Roma's Hickory Barbecue Sauce.
Got this from Costco, love the taste as it's not really sour, a nice sweet taste with a bit of smokiness is perfect of Ribs!
This is the key flavour (probably the only flavour?) for this McRib-like sandwich.

Now put some BBQ sauce on the meat! Both side!!

See the thickness of the meat? It's real meat! NO fillers!
With the sauce on it, it's just so attractive~

Add some fried Onion on the top. Fried Onion has a slightly sweet taste to it, and it smells great!

Now add some raw Onion, so we can have two different taste of Onion.
The raw Onion gives the sandwich a little bit of a kick, and the sharpness of raw Onion can cut through the sweetness of the BBQ sauce. A nice balance in the sandwich.

But we still need to put more BBQ sauce on the Onions.

As we need the BBQ sauce to make the pickle slices sticks to the whole sandwich.
Using four slice of pickle because I like the sweet and sour taste it brings into the sandwich. (You don't have to add as much.)

Now take a Big bite into it!

With this done, I can really careless about McRib coming back for a limited time or not. I can have this McRib-like sandwich any time I want. Now you can try it at home and...Enjoy~

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  1. really enjoy reading it, the way you prepare this fake McRib. Whip it up with the stuff you got at home. One day, they will sell McEgg, McWing, McSalad, McNoodle, McFishball, McSiumai

  2. water moon: I'm glad that you enjoy reading it.


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