Monday, October 02, 2006

Let's Blog - Yeah!

Spent all day (well..8:30 to 3:30...I would say that's one day already) at work, trying to get my other blog working. Earlier today, one of my many blog server did something stupid and pixxxx off alot of people. Lucky for me is that I was "going to" pay for the membership fee there. So instead of fighting with weird minded blog server operator, I spent time working on getting a new blog to function better than the old one.

Life isn't easy as we all know about it. I actually skipped lunch (I don't plan to eat lunch anyway), and I totally forgot to get a glass of water. Hmm...I'm too into this blogging thing. Orz...

After a few hours trying out the Blogger beta service, I found that it's not user friendly at all. (or I'm not a good user in some sense?) Why doesn't it have a few more template for us to choose? and these template here now, are they made by the Blogger team or just someone from outside being nice and put some there? If it's the latter, I wish Blogger team should work on some basic template. Ones that has nothing on, just simple title + sidebar + blogpost. (or may be title + left sidebar + Blog post + right sidebar??) May be a step-by-step wizard, guild people through setting up all the different things on the blog.

Well, may be it's time for a Blogger for dummies book. (or it's out there already? I don't go to book store. =_=|||)

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