Monday, October 02, 2006

[FOOD] ICHIBAN @ New Kennedy Square

Let's not talk about blog for a change. (YOU ARE STILL TALKING ABOUT IT!)

Back in July, I have attended a wedding of someone. Got so damn drunk and couldn't drive home. Well, of course I didn't drink and drive. I'm not that stupid. Getting myself killed is fine, but what if I hit someone or something? No No No.... {>_<}

Woke up the next day early(like 7 or 8am), and still feels a little bit dizzy. Sat on my bed and watched TV for a few hours, and then the hunger kicks in. Oh yeah, you will feel unbelievably hungry after you are drunk, and especially you threw up everything, including the lunch you had before you get drunk. (I wonder, how can I threw up so much?!)

Anyway, since I got some red pocket from the wedding, I decided to use them all up for lunch, hopefully this will help me recover. After checking how much money I got from the red pockets, and to compensate myself for not eating good food at the banquet. (Well, the banquet doesn't have any good food IMO, so that's why I drink so much wine.)

$40, What can I have?! Hmm... an idea comes to mind. Since it's july, it's summer time; Traditionally in Japan, people would eat BBQ Eel for ENERGY! Which is something I needed at the time. But just a BBQ Eel rice bowl doesn't seems enough to compensate me for what happened, and it's probably just $10, what am I gonna do with the rest of the money?! I have to get rid of it. (HEY, it's not the money that you get from a funeral!! You don't have to spent them all.)

So I ended up with: a box of BBQ Eel rice(big pieces of BBQ Eel, nice~), a box of sashimi (I believe they have 9 pieces? They are thick and fresh and tasty!), and a bento box with many things. Inside the bento box, it has 2 large shrimp tempura, some veggie tempura(sweet potato, cauliflower, zuchini, and mushroom?!), a small piece of deep fried item(I think it's some veggie and pork meatball?!), and 7 or 8 pieces of charcoal grilled beef ribs!! (also rice and soup and salad.)

Of course I didn't finish everything in 1 shot. Some of the stuff actually became my dinner for the day. For less than $40 you can have all these food and the quality is really good. They would actually give you more side dishes if you dine in there. (I was too dizzy and thinks that I better stay home for it.)

Ichiban is actually all over Toronto, and they are operated by different owner and their menus are different too. This particular one is located inside the plaza at the southwest corner of Kennedy Road and Highway 7.

Address: 8360 Kennedy Road, Unit B2, Markham, Ontario.
Tel: (905) 474-3677
Fax Order: (905) 474-1575

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