Sunday, September 19, 2010

[FUN] Bell 〿 You

Received this Bell Chinese Flyer a few days ago, looks alright by the first glance.
(Not the newest phone on the market, but not bad for pushing some of the old stuff out the door.)

What caught my eyes were the Promo about Chinese TV combine with the long distance phone call package.
I know that some Canadian still thinks that Chinese words (or characters) are just block letters, and they treat it as symbol or figure.
But this time Bell's Promo used a symbol as if it's a Chinese character, which is like using a heart symbol to represent love.

選看 BELL 電視,不但讓〿得知天下事,更可免費欣賞中文台組合一年!
In this sentence, what they trying to say is that, "Choosing Bell TV, Not only allows 〿 to know everything in the world, can also enjoy free Chinese channel combo for 1 year."
"BELL TV watching the election, not only to 〿 that world affairs, but also enjoy the Chinese Channel combination for one year free!" (using Google Translate)

I can guess that "〿" in the Promo probably means "you".
So in the eyes of Bell, you are "〿". They don't treat you as an account number, just a symbol.

But as I continue to read this funny promo flyer, I discovered another use of the "〿".

將有機會〿得一部最新的 3D 高清電視。
In this sentence, roughly translate it would mean, "Will have the chance 〿 get a newest 3D High-Definition TV"
"Will have the opportunity 〿 get a new 3D high-definition TV" (using Google Translate)

In this case, "〿" means "to receive"? It should have combine with the character "得"(translated as "get") to form the meaning of "to receive" or "to win", depending if you have to enter a contest at the store.

The fun continues as I read the fine prints, which have a few different uses of the symbol "〿".
(ie. the "er" in user, as it shown as "use〿" in "用戶".)

As a Chinese Customer, I just wonder, why there isn't a final draft review by someone able to read Chinese before the mass-production?
Just read it once and you can see that you can't really say "〿" in any way. (At least I don't know how.)

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