Saturday, October 01, 2005

Memory - Is there anyway to upgrade?

Well, the date on this thing is not right, but I just don't remember when did I had that entry in chinese. (I deleted it, because of the stupid Adsense.) So now I just put a date on it to make it goes as the first post. (The same day as my old first post.) Current date is September 15, 2006. Probably by the time I finish typing would be around 12pm.

My god. I can't remember anything anymore, I guess. Started this blog back in October 2005. Had 1 entry. YES, 1 and only 1 entry. Way too lazy to do any update, had a draft there for weeks since the first post. (that draft ended up in the trash.) Can't really think of anything to type here. And as it comes to the year end, I started to forget about this blog.

Not too long ago, while I was surfing the net at work. (Yes, at work during work hours. I know I know, more on this later.) I think it was in the month of July. I was searching for recipe for BBQ-EEL on rice. Because on July 23rd, 2006, it's said to be the hottest day of summer and to boost energy, and people in japan would eat EEL. (mostly BBQ-EEL) (more on this later)
By searching for BBQ-EEL rice, I come across some well written blog. (When a blog has more than 10,000 viewer a day, and 6,000,000 viewer for like 2 years, it should be alright.)
And that lead me into thinking start another blog. Hahaha...I know, I have like a few (way too many) online thingy that I had stopped update in the past. And I can see that I might not update any of these blogs in a few months. but at least for now, I'm ok.

(I'm still not "touching" this topic...where the hell was I going?)

After a few entries at other blog, one day I finally remember I had this blog here that I haven't update for so long. As I tries to login, I had completely forgot my username or password. Well, I thought I used "canchi" as username, but looking at the blog's address, may be I used "canchichi" as the username? But I can't remember the password and it keeps on kicking back to the login screen. Ok, I have to admit that my memory is not good. So I started to look for the registration / confirmation e-mail, hoping to find the user name in order to just need to guess the password only. But my search failed, I can't find anything. The word "Blogger" never appeared in any of my e-mail accounts. FINE! I end up click on the "forget password" link and allow the system to send me a new password. HA?! how come the e-mail appear in my G-mail account? I just did the search to try to find it, and nothing was in my account. FINALLY, I gain access into the account and I can start (or resume?) to blog.

After I gain access into the blog, the details of username and password, they all comes back to me. Damn, if you "guys" gonna come back, can you come back earlier next time?!

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